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Q:  do you smoke weed?
A:  NO! so stop asking... next question.
Q:  are you a christian?
A:  yes i am, i am a fan of my king jesus christ but not necessarily of all his merchandise (I think he feels the same way).
Q:  are you married?
A:  yep, i got married dec 28th 2003 to britta anne cooper.( it is not good for man to be alone:)
Q:  how can i get you to play in my town?
A:  well, start off by e-mailing me. i ask that you get ahold of me at least a month in advance and we will see what we can work out.
Q:  what influences your music?
A:  everything!... lets see, traveling, people, god, death, movies, c.s. lewis, jrr tolkien, radiohead, bob dylan, starflyer59, joy electric, smashing pumpkins, pedro the lion, zao, danielson, johnny cash, and about a million other things, people, places and ideas.
Q:  how do you like your coffee?
A:  however you can make it! 
Q:  what is the song (insert title here) about?
A:  well if you have a question about a song feel free to e-mail me... if i dont feel too lazy i will write you back.
Q:  do you vote?
A:  yes i do...  i dont think that anyone has the right to camplain about the what is going on in the government if they dont. dont go ranting to me about your rights when you dont even exorcise the ones that you have. 
Q:  what does "insomniac folklore" mean?
A:  look it up! an insomniac is a person who has trouble sleeping and folklore is a collection of storys and beliefs. so it is just a collection of storys and beliefs of someone who cant sleep.   
Q:  do you really have insomnia?
A:  yes i do (or at least did) i have taken several medications for it and have had several times when i would only get about 10 hours of sleep in a week.  i have been sleeping a lot better since i got married.
Q:  where is roseburg?
A:  roseburg is in oregon on interstate 5.  it is about three hours south of portland, and hour south of eugene, and two hours north of medford.