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"consumer appreciation" is the second cd from insomniac folklore. this disc freatures 13 new tracks including concert faverates like "gray cars", Patchwork children" and "beautiful bloodshot eyes". this cd ranges from mello folk to near acoustic punk. it also has some surprises (aka. "acoustic music for the dead" amongst others) this cd shows much better production than tyler's first cd "despite it all". and "consumer" also features a 10 page insert with photos and a mini story  with illistrations by tyler! this cd is the best thing ever!!! but dont take my word for it... order yours today! 


Order Yours!

Send $10 to Psychedelic Media Circus, 495 Hutchins Dr, Roseburg OR. 97470, (10$ includes shipping!(unless you live outside of the us))
i only accept checks at this time.
if you have any questions e-mail me at


for those of you wanting my first album "despite it all" well... it is kinda out of print. i am sorry... i only made about 120 copies of it. but if you absolutely need a copy of it e-mail me and we can work somthing out.