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All lyrics written by Tyler Hentschel © 1999-2002 Circus Songs.


Do not fall for love that's false
Keep up your guard I know he don't love you
Feelings run rampent but they aren't always true

But I want you to know that you deserve the best
But I want you to know how I still pray for you

In so many way you are just a girl
Stay alert and when temptation comes to you
Do as do as Joseph did leave your coat and run

The world drifts overhead
The rivers at my side
Wondering through my youth
I am Alive

Still loving, Still waiting
Still in love with you


Sometimes I'm weary like from a war
And it seems I've forgotten the score

After all the Contradictions
I sum it up the question of who I am
I am who you want me to be

Break me up wake me up take me away
I won't stay hear another day Break me up wake me up take me away I am quite happy today And I don't know why


Well I just might tell I lost my vigor in a fight
But the truth may be I lost the fight in my vigor
Nothings really changed with me but nothings quite the same

Lay it all down put your arrows to sleep
Let it lye in slumber till she's your to keep

Pray now for you only fall when you think yourself strong
Rest now for your trials make haste
Learn now for there is no going back
It's all I want in life the mystery I wish you would reveal
I know what I want but it is what you have for me

Nothing has really changed with me
But nothing is quite the same
Nothing has really changed with me
The questions get re-arranged
I'm still terrified

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