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Insomniac Folklore makes the rock in Roseburg
Creative, Original and Charasmatic local musician Tyler Hentschel is preparing to take his music to the World
By Nate Allen/The Mainstream

      As I walked into the room I was greeted with an unusual site. Tyler Hentschel, better known to his many faithful fans around Oregon for his acoustic project Insomniac Folklore, was spinning rapidly in an office chair. Suddenly, as he reached top speeds he was hurled onto the floor and arose seconds later in pain. This strange behavior continued through out the afternoon prompting the question, "Do you do drugs?" To which he responded with humorous resound, "No, actually Iím practically straight edge my only vice is an occasion cigar." Thus began the interview on what was to be a most memorable occasion.
      For the last four years former UCC student Tyler Hentschel has be writing and performing acoustic music under the band name Insomniac Folklore. The project began, while Hentschel was still in high school, as an outlet for songs he had been writing in his spare time.
      Over the many years a variety of members have preformed in the band but now days your most likely to find Hentschel alone on a stage with his guitar.
      "I donít like teaching people my songs or setting up practices." Hentschel said.
      At first, like any new musician the shows came slow for Hentschel. He would perform at coffeehouses or church functions a few times a year; but recently his project has been taking off and his evenings and weekends growing increasingly full.
      Over the past year Hentschel has preformed through out the northwest at Tomfest, a music festival in Washington, the Douglas County Fair, and almost every local venue imaginable.
      Musically Hentschel draws on influences such as 60ís legends Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle and The Beatles along with modern day artists such as Beck and The Violent Femmes to create an eclectic blend of energetic acoustic rock.
      "People either say I play folk or acoustic punk, I just say I play acoustic music," Hentschel said.
      Often described by words such as charismatic, eccentric or strange, meeting Hentschel can be quite an interesting experience. The more time you spend with him it becomes so much clearer, he appears to go from outrageous extremism to introverted dissidence in the blink of an eye.
      Hentschel realizes the power off good old fashion hard work. He recorded and released his debut album "Despite It All" completely on his own a little over a year ago; and is already gearing up for his next release an EP titled "Consumer Appreciation," due out early next year on his label, Psychedelic Media Circus.
      Hentschel plans on hitting the road after the New Year in an effort to support the release.
      "Iím planning several mini tours up and down the West Coast," he said.
      One thing can be sure; you are ill advised to pass on a chance to see Hentschel perform.
      "You never know what will happen at one of his shows," said UCC freshman Jon Patton.
      Hentschel disagrees with the many naysayers who say there is nothing to do Roseburg and nowhere to play music.
      "Actually this city has a descent scene," he said.
      His advice to complaining musicians is simple.
      "Get off your butt and start a band, then find a place to play," he said. "Knock on doors."
      Overall Hentschel comes across as a very genuine and humble individual.
      "Iím just a guy that was given the ability," he said. "I try to use it to the best."
      Simply put, Insomniac Folklore is just a guy with a guitar who will rock your world and leave you with a smile on your face.
      "I canít imagine doing much else with my life," Hentschel said. "Life is pretty good."