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The lego song

Tinker toys and lincoln logs, sentiments we long remember. You won’t need to wake me up, I’ve been here forever. Warmth of heaven’s glow, jostled by the winter’s snow. Gi-joes and lego blocks, friends in stormy weather. Now I sit and drink a cup, I’ve been here forever. The years for children move so slow, how much things change they can’t know. From young to old, from old to new, that’s the love I have for you. Feelings lose their meanings, moments are fleeting. When I awake you’ll be there. Its all so ominous, so impending. Would you show me where to go, give me a way and I will go.

Patchwork children

Sewing up your old clothes, to make something new and fresh as the morning when the clouds came home. It’s your job to keep the scene true, that’s why you do the things you do. Red and yellow and wrong and right, my oh my, aren’t we a sight. We’re not alone, patchwork children, we’re not alone. Board the bus that heads for your future, not caring where it’s at. Maybe you’ll go to san francisco, maybe life will be better there. On those lonely nights, when its hard to just keep breathing, and you want to give up the fight.

Gray cars

To all of you kids who drive gray cars and keep a sleeping bag in the trunk. You got bumper stickers that say "this is who I am" and "I like some bands." Well some of us got parents and some of us don’t, but we all need to sleep and we all need to eat and we all got our sins but my god forgives and we, we should try. I want to drive to the coast, drive to your town, see some good shows and jump around. We play our anthems on beat up guitars and we sing songs of worship under the stars saying "thank you lord, its been a good life, it’s been pretty good" You are like scotch for the straight edger, you like films starring heath ledger and you go to your church and sit on your perch and you like to look down. Well who made you judge? It wasn’t my god, but he, he still loves you.

Beautiful Bloodshot Eyes

When you wake up, I’ll be waiting, to see your beautiful blood-shot eyes. Hello honey, I made you breakfast, I hope you don’t mind your toast a little burnt. Lets run away for the weekend, cancel all and tell our friends we’re gone.When the bomb hits, your place will be the first I check for life, and if I don’t find it there, I don’t care if I find it anywhere.We will be happy together, throughout all sorts of whether, as the world bursts into flames we’ll be the first ones laughing…We’ll go on tour and call it a vacation, who needs a map, who needs a destination, we got the road, we got some stars to guide us, we’re not alone we got someone beside us… who NEVER DIES!So our happy couple drove off that night, and their friends when asked would say, they haven’t seen em’ since that day, truth be told they arose the next morning and shared a donut on the hood of his car, what should great them? It wasn’t the sun, but instead they were bathed in the warmth of what would be a nuclear sunrise… and they never died.


Hello sunny whether, I didn’t expect you so soon, sometimes life is hard, its funny that way, ive been waiting for so long, no ones seen such beauty, no ones ever known such joy, youth gets waisted on the young, but whos there to say the best aint yet to come, ive been waiting for so long, ive been waiting my whole life for someone like you, there’s no fear left in me, say the one I feel right no, a new journey has begun, but getting there is half the fun, ive been waiting for so long, mistakes of the past have been washed away, disguard all the pain of yesterday, who needs yesterday, forgive forget.

Ran Away

When you wake up in the morning and im not around don’t you look for me because I wont be found, im living off the highway my companion is the road don’t you think ive forgotten the way back home, you don’t need to worry I packed my clean cloths and now I sleep when im hungry and play guitar for my cash… i ran away.

The Days

Love shows through a hue of haze, its no wonder life is strange, I don’t want to break the gaze, I cannot distinguish the days. Clouds come from rivers and fires from embers but water burns these tired old eyes.


Rainy days and cold whether makes the cigarettes taste so much better, uh hu, well I don’t know but it seems to me it seems today aint getting much better, uh hu, then you turn the porch light on, come to the screen door with slippers on could we please step away to a new day, where the skys aint so gray, a new hope, hope says we can stay, a new joy, one that wont fade away, a new love that never dies, when we don’t seem to understand we can just hold each others hand could we please step away. no one can touch you now.

Senior Trip

They surely were the best days, they surely weren’t the worst, don’t think I will forget you, your in my photo book. Were heading down south were going to hollywood, these dirty old streets never seemed so good. 30 kids, 30 pieces of gum, 30 hours, watch out! Here we come. Went to our hotel, late night in the swimming pool, early mornings drinking coffee and playing nintendo. Late at night, in a parking lot, we sang our song, we did a little dance, miss placed steps, choreography, sang a little song, and the words went like this… "joyful joyful lord we adore thee, god of glory lord of love, hearts unfold like flowers before thee, hail thee as the son above"…

Upon Awaking (better here)

It’s a strange old feeling that’s made new every time, I cant believe I made it back and I cant stop crying, don’t mean to be a bother, I have but one request, when I think I have the strength, cut me off at the knees, and I cant believe it. Upon awaking I look up on a sky of blue in the middle of the night, enter a room of white and there in lies something familiar, like the smell of childhood. When I look up there stands a man who’s hands have been cut, and the blood makes me clean, as I fall in his embrace. Sometimes I have no strength, sometimes I cant hold on, sometimes your sickly son cries "father, make me whole" life is better here, and I cant believe it.


Well I just might tell you that I lost my vigor in a fight, but the truth may be I lost the fight in my vigor. Nothings really changed with me but nothings quite the same. Lay it all down, put your eros to sleep, let it lie in slumber, till she’s yours to keep. Pray now for you only fall when you think yourself strong, rest now for your trials make haste, learn now for there is no going back. Its all I want in life, the mystery I wish you’d reveal, I know what I want but is it what you have for me. Nothing has really changed with me but nothings quite the same, nothings really changed with me but the questions get re-arranged. I’m still terrified.

Another Suicide Song

I walk the streets of this old town tonight, there’s a strange smell in the air and something don’t seem right, as I step out from the curb the ambulance turns to the right, had they gone any faster they’d be taking me as well tonight. Because I’m a cold sickly creep. All of his friends held vidual though they know it was already too late, because nine hits of heroine is too much for anyone to take, so the search lights search the sky, perhaps and angel would pass us bye and all of the bill boards are talking to me tonight, wrinkled and worn and tattered and torn they say hey boy you’ve gotta get warm! Well yesterday is a memory and tomorrow a dream and life love and death ain’t at all what they seem, and today I am dead and tomorrow alive may the morning come quickly that I might survive, should I fall off the bridge should I slip on the knife, dear God an answer I’m betting my life, tell me why! So the sun came up the next morning, soon came a quiet afternoon, its not my place to chose when it is I go.

The Ghosts of Friends Who are Still Alive

on the other side of this country there is a girl with eyes that said "hey boy come on with me." but a voice inside of me head "she'll send you to hell as sure as to bed." but the lord works in mysterious ways, the ghost moves in mysterious ways. well im only only afraid of the dark when im with a friend so im only always terrifed, got these words inside of my mind. the spirit haunts me with the words of my friends that kept me from betraying you.

Grocery Store Love Song

come down my line, wont you give me the time, its a grocerystore love song


all the kids these days living triple lives when they cant hold onto one. we are mede to be who we are and who we are made to be. god the father, god the son and god in spirit, three in one. but we cant handle it on our own. i want a hand to hold, i want a father, i want a place to live and be at home, we all need somthing to worship, hey look, whats on tv. we cant handle it all alone. 

Dreaming From Another Coast

ive been up, ive been down the same stretch of I-5 my whole life, but things wont always be this way, some day i will get away. dreaming from another coast, dreaming. ive been bound and confined, boxed in by these four streets. 

Photographic Evidence of a Normal Life

i wish i had a camera, so that when you all leave this place, i could prove to myself that i had friends. ive had these strange urges recently to be taking drugs interveinously, but its not in my nature. completely and utterly alone in a world full of love, i cant say i didnt do it to myself but i cant say your to blame. i rent too many movies, i emerce myself in fiction so i dont have to think. so! bring it back take it away bring it here come and stay, your such a tease! it was love and it was fate and it was swell and it was great, your such a tease! i gave you my heart you gave it a break and now i cant resusatate, your such a tease!

Sean the Begger (from the slc)

 stand on the corner asking for change, your friends dont recodinse you, you hardly remember your friends, too many partys, too many shows, surrounded by water without a bit of land in sight. sean the begger, these are desperate times, sean the begger, your already paying for your crimes. too many drugs, too many days, you thought that he was jesus but it was only bob. dear sean, god would save your soul. 

Hung-over on life

sometimes i feel a little sober, sometimes i feel a little hung over, and it seams to me that life will last. they were the happiest of times, full of smiles, real and uncontribed, somehow i knew it wouldnt last. we go crazy. sometimes i wish that i was normal, sometimes i wish that i couldnt feel a thing, i would miss the joy but not the pain, do you remember the games we used to play, a warm fealing, a human touch. there is so much i wish i could say... goodbye dear friend, goodbye. sometimes i dont like myself, but i cant bring myself to hate you, thats just the way that i was made... goodbye.


all songs (c) 2004 tyler hentschel pmc