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the story thus far

Tyler Hentschel is a singer/songwriter/guitarist, born and raised in the small town of Roseburg, Oregon. He plays a sort of folk rock that is hard to put a finger on. His sound has been compared to all sorts of artists from Simon and Garfunkle and Elliot Smith to Violent Femmes and Beck. If you could come up with a better comparison he would be glad to hear about it.

Tyler has been performing as Insomniac Folklore for over five years and now.  Sometimes he appears on stage with a full band behind him and sometimes he is all alone with his acoustic guitar. But either way you won’t be disappointed. He has developed a strange sort of charisma on stage that people have trouble ignoring.

Insomniac Folklore has independently released 2 full-length CDs. The first CD "despite it all," is a bedroom recording that has some strong points but over all stands to showcase improvement over the past few years. The new CD "consumer appreciation" however is miles ahead. Still a very independent release, but a much better production. The booklet even includes an original mini-story written and illustrated by Tyler.

Insomniac offers a whole lot of heart without a whole lot of ego. Attacking the world with acoustic music that refuses to die.


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