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so, what does the media have to say about it?

"If you like acoustic music, you'll love Insomniac Folklore. Tyler writes great meaningful songs that are sometimes a little depressing... I can relate to and agree with alot of his lyrics in his songs... Wonderful production, a very talented musician, and a nice and funny guy. Go buy this CD.
"Tyler Hentschel hears things in his head... (concert promoter)Allen calls him the "strongest local musician his age" and said matter-of-factly if Hentschel weren't good, Allen wouldn't back him. "He's come an amazing distance," Allen said. Allen has used Insomniac Folklore at three or four Rock 4 Reason concerts. The shows invariably feature bands from across the country, usually from the Pacific Northwest. Insomniac Folklore is one of a handful of local bands Allen deems good enough to promote -- good enough because of strong songwriting ability, Allen said. He's got a gift that way," he said. From penning lyrics to capturing catchy melodies, Hentschel shows definite promise, Allen said." - the News Review

"tyler is a man on a proverbial mission from God... just one guy with a guitar who will rock your world and leave you wanting more!" - the Mainstream 

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